Smoked Beef Ribs


Number of Servings: 1
Yield:  Rack
Prep Time:  10 Minutes
Cook Time:  6 Hours

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1 rack of beef ribs
1 Spicy beef rub


1. Cut into individual pieces if you have thick, meaty racks of ribs, otherwise leave racks intact.
2. Apply rub to beef.
3. Smoke at 225F for 6 hours, give or take.


Eat them up, yum. Yes, yum indeed!

Beefribs20.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_001.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_002.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_003.jpg Beefyribby05.jpg Beefyribby06.jpg Beefyribby09.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_009.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_010.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_011.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_012.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_013.jpg Smoked_beef_ribs_016.jpg Beefyribby10.jpg

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